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Geissler Paúl Gimenez

Vinhedo - SP
Geissler Paúl Gimenez

April 1, 2014, by admin, category Home

Since I was very young I have had a passion for communication, I learned to talk at a very young age and my mom says that I’ve always been talking and inventing since then. When I grew up I wanted to canalize this need and so I enter the world of radio, after a while I realized that the radio is strongly connected with marketing, so I started to apply my creativity in the marketing field.

16 years, 8 radio shows and many many marketing projects later, I can now say that over these years, up to today I’ve done what I love: Communicate, Create and Produce, looking always for the best possible solutions for the client; regardless of the type of project at hand. And if I am not the one who has the solution; I have the right contact who does.

So, what do you think ?