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Hi, I’m Geissler Paúl, a dedicated father, entrepreneur, and advocate for work-family balance. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, radio and entrepreneurship, I’ve learned the importance of balancing professional and personal life to ensure overall success and happiness.

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  • ResidenceVinhedo, São Paulo
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What I Do

Balancing Parenthood and Profession

Over the last 9 years, I've embraced the challenging yet rewarding journey of being a father to my twins. This experience has taught me the art of balancing professional responsibilities with parenthood. My family-first model has allowed me to create a lifestyle where my professional growth never overshadows my role as a father.

Content Creation

Leveraging my experiences, I create valuable content on parenthood, work-life balance, and marketing. Through articles, blogs, and social media posts, I provide insightful, actionable advice to professionals striving to harmoniously balance their personal and professional lives. Join me as we navigate this journey together, breaking down societal norms, redefining success, and creating a balance that works for us.

Let's envision a world where personal growth and professional success can comfortably coexist.

Entrepreneurship and Marketing

With more than two decades in the marketing industry, I have fine-tuned my skills to adapt to the dynamic digital marketing landscape. My work at BIZPLN allows me to channel this expertise into helping other professionals achieve a unique balance between work and family. I also focus on personal branding, assisting individuals in understanding their unique value, and effectively communicating it within their professional circles.

Furthermore, I continually seek self-actualization through professional development courses, always staying on top of the latest trends and techniques.

Advocate for Work-Family Balance

I actively advocate for a shift in societal norms. I promote the belief that men can be present and caring fathers while undertaking household responsibilities and managing professional endeavors. My aim is to inspire others through my own journey, demonstrating that achieving work-family balance is not only possible but also vital for overall well-being.



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